Paul Stamets Microdose is particularly designed to improve neurogenesis for better functioning of the brain. This microdose combines organic psilocybin, Lion’s Mane mushroom, and Niacin to create a synergistic effect. Psilocybin is a naturally-occurring hallucinogenic compound derived from magic mushrooms. Lion’s Mane is included in this formula for several purposes. First, it enhances the ability of psilocybin to alter the brain structure to deliver long-lasting neurological improvements. Secondly, it supports cognitive functions such as focus and memory. It also encourages healthy nervous and immune systems. Lion’s Mane readily absorbs into the gut to deliver almost immediate results.

During a Paul Stamets Microdose experience, more nerves in the brain form a strong connection to allow a user to experience new levels of cognition. Each capsule of Paul Stamets microdose contains 50MG of Psilocybin, 125MG Lion’s Mane, and 125MG Niacin. It also contains ginger root extract to decrease the nausea feeling. Paul Stamets microdose provides superior benefits that no other nootropic on the market can offer.

Paul StametsThis microdose works to enhance cognitive function and boost creativity. The powerful blend aids in treating conditions such as PTSD, neurological disorders, anxiety, and many more. The ingredients reset and form different neurological pathways that help people with anxiety to overcome fear. It also works to improve concentration and focus.

Paul Stamets microdose may help with creativity, regeneration of neurons and may improve auditory and visual neurons. It also prevents dementia, reduces inflammation, and manages depression.

This microdose works effectively to improve cognition by altering the way the brain perceives things. The combination of ingredients promotes the formation of myelin, which covers nerve tissues to promote growth. This property helps to treat nerve damage and enhance the functioning of the brain. Moreover, Paul Stamets microdose focuses on stimulating the peripheral nervous system to help strengthen the mind and prevent degenerative nerve diseases. Therefore, Paul Stamets microdose can help to improve the quality of an individual’s life.

Paul Stamets microdose may help epileptic people who are recovering from postictal injury. This microdose may help such people to relieve cramps, dissolve ambient muscle stiffness, and help to increase athletic coordination.

This microdose improves mental and athletic performance by ensuring one is aware of their entire body. Therefore, it increases overall physical comfort, flexibility, and body control. Paul Stamets Microdose may help individuals achieve awareness of their bodies so they can achieve better balance and mobility.

Other conditions that can be treated successfully with Paul Stamets microdose include obsessivecompulsive disorder, addictions, and cluster headaches.

The recommended dosage for Paul Stamets microdose is one capsule every third and fourth day, ideally after a meal. It’s also recommended to dose for 5 days in a row and then take 2 days off.

Paul Stamets microdose leverages a powerful combination of ingredients to make long-term changes in the brain’s structure. Overall, Paul Stamets microdose is an excellent microdosing product for people who suffer from different ailments and disorders ranging from behavioral disorders, psychiatric disorders, to physical pain. Therefore, this microdose makes microdosing a transformative health practice. At Nupep Shrooms, we offer a potent Paul Stamets Microdose in various quantities.

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