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At Nupep Shrooms we are pioneers in cultivating the perfect psilocybin/natural extract blend. We use 100% organic grown mushrooms and sourced the highest quality extracts.

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Nupep Shroom

Research has shown psilocybin to have potential to treat a wide range of psychiatric and behavioural disorders. Its potential indications include depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, quitting smoking, alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, cluster headaches, and cancer-related or other end-of-life psychological distress & much more! We have done our thorough research and have come up with 6 psilocybin mushroom blends.

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Our organic grown micro-dosed mushrooms are loved Canada wide.

A 2014 study was one of the first to attribute this effect to the way psilocybin affects communication across brain networks. In people injected with 2 milligrams of the drug, researchers saw new, stronger activity across several regions of the brain that normally rarely or never engage in such ‘cross-talk’. intervention” for mental illness. A five-year study of the drug suggests it could work “like a surgical intervention” for mental illness.

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Nupep Shroom
Absolutely love my genius blend.. IT definitely helped a lot in terms of staying focused and mental clarity.
Johnny, H
Nupep Shroom


Had 4 capsules and had a blast going on a hike out on the west coast! Highly Recommended.
Samantha, E